Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Overinsured?

While there is not such thing as too much insurance on your property, HOFI can provide the Best Coverage, with the BEST Carrier, and the Best Premium. It is better to provide a review of the proper coverages!

Am I paying too much for Insurance?

Sometimes you get what you pay for. It is imperative to make sure that your Insurance dollars go to coverage that will PROPERLY protect on the day to you may finally need it.

Why does my Annual Premium keep going up?

Florida is a state with many different people from many different places. Unfortunately Fraud and Litigious behavior sometimes lead to wild swings in the Insurance market that may have nothing to do with you!

What happens if my Insurance company goes out of business?

All policies written by HOFI would be Admitted, meaning that they are backed by the state of FL Guarantee Fund. In short, that means that in the event your Insurance company goes out of business, all claims are paid. Premiums are also then refunded through this program as well.

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